How Layered Systems Became A Premier IT Solutions Provider

Every company starts with an idea, a dream (mission), and a vision . . .

Our epiphany was during a lunch conversation back in August 2010 how we both felt there was a need to provide small and medium businesses with the same IT solutions, support, and services that large Fortune 500 companies were so accustomed to.  Thus the idea was born, but how could we turn this idea into reality?

The dream (mission) was to change the way our clients use technology to compete in highly competitive markets, while at the same time, providing opportunities for our employees to grow, share in our success, and create lasting impressions on each and every client.

The vision was, and still is, to be considered the premier IT Managed Services and Solutions Provider in the Greater Green Bay Area.  The key to this vision is tailoring IT solutions to match the specific goals of each and every client while removing the burden of IT from the business owners’ shoulders, leaving them the opportunity to do what they do best.



The Layered Systems Philosophy
  • To employ the best people
  • To provide exceptional customer service
  • To build lasting customer relationships
  • To be at the forefront of technology innovations
The Layered Systems Promise

We promise to provide best-in-class customer service with industry-leading IT solutions while taking care of everything related to IT so you can focus on what you do best, building your business.



Brian sparked an interest in computers at an early age and never looked back. He began to write computer programs on the Macintosh LC while in High School and continued to go on to college thinking computer programming would be his career. However, due to a part time job in college, he ultimately fell in love with the computer networking side of the industry. Since then he has held various positions at organizations ranging in size from 50 employees to over 10,000. This has really given him a chance to touch on all aspects of the industry, which makes him a great asset to any organization. He truly understands technology and how it can be used to optimize and integrate business processes. Brian has a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Norbert College with a double major in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. Brian also continued his education by obtaining an Associates degree as a Network Specialist from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

Brian on working – “I love my career because I get to go to work every day and do what I love to do . . . oh, and it pays the bills!”
Brian on hobbies – “I enjoy lazy days with my wife and children, boating, camping, riding my Harley, and of course technology!”


Dave first started programming games in Assembly language on the 6502 processor(Apple II, Atari 400/800, Commodore VIC-20/64 all used the 6502 processor). His interest soon moved to database programming, solving business problems and what started out as a hobby became a career. Dave has a passion for technology and has spent his career taking software solutions to drive costs out of organizations and make employees more productive. The constant evolution of technology continues to drive Dave to find new ways to apply technology to business problems. Dave see’s Layered Systems as the natural progression in his career and is excited to find the next technology challenge. Dave received bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a minor in Business from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.

Dave on free time – “I enjoy skiing, science fiction, spending time with family, and traveling. Some of my favorite places include Italy, Las Vegas and Hawaii.”
Dave on his career – “I was always interested in building things and found a career that allowed me to do just that through the use of computers.”