In 2021, cybercriminals stole $2.4 billion through business email compromise attacks, often referred to as phishing. Phishing emails can sometimes get past even the best spam filters and into your employees’ inboxes. This is why it’s important, no matter how good your network and email security, to train your employees as well, as they are the last line of defense protecting your company.

Phish testing and security training are a good pair to help ensure employees can spot and avoid email scams, phishing attempts and more. Phish tests are simulated phishing attacks, emailed directly to employees. These will often duplicate the look of current phishing schemes, but rather than stealing data, they direct any vulnerable employees toward training. Phish testing will provide information of how many employees are susceptible to phishing attacks, and done over time, can be used to gauge improvement or areas of concern.

Security training is the second half of the picture, equally important to testing. Employees should be trained on how to spot phishing attacks and email scams. This includes being able to detect suspicious URLs, email addresses, email formats and more. By providing a base level of training to all users, subsequent phish tests can identify employees who need additional training.

Having an experienced provider to help administer testing and training is vital to this process. The most advanced phishing techniques can fool even the sharpest eyes, which is why having a team of IT professionals available to review those particularly convincing-looking emails is important.

Phish testing and security training are great ways to make sure your business stays secure. More and more cyber-insurance policies are requiring it as well, because it is so important. At Layered Systems, we have partnered with KnowBe4, an industry leader, to offer phish testing and security training programs to help secure your business. Contact Us today to learn more.